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On special nights, our shop completely transforms into a classroom! Cooking class themes rotate every month and are a way to push, or rather gently nudge, you out of your culinary comfort zone! To know when our next cooking class goes on sale, sign up for our newsletter below:


Private Classes

Whether you missed one of our monthly classes, looking for a fun and unique team-building experience for your group or celebrating a special occassion, our private cooking classes are the perfect option!

Our private classes are the same price as our regular monthly cooking classes ($25 / person), but require 6 participants and you can choose from any of the themes below. These classes are offered on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

Current Private Cooking Class
Themes / Offerings

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Dumpling & Potsticker Making

Learn how to make dumplings and potstickers from scratch! After we walk you through the steps, it will be your turn to make your very own dumplings. You'll not only make the dough but learn 4 different folding techniques and be able to choose between 2 fillings (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) to fill your dumplings with! End the night by sampling fresh-made dumplings / potstickers made by us before taking your creations home.

Pierogi Making


Learn how to make pierogies completely from scratch! Throughout the class, you'll learn everything you need to know about this Polish delicacy and after we walk you through the steps, it will be your turn to get creative. Not only will you be making the dough, but will create your very own customized filling, choosing from a plethora of delicious add-ins (potatoes, cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms, bacon, spices, etc.). End the night by sampling fresh-made pierogies made by us before taking your creations home.

Custom Ramen Making


Join us for a night full of fun as you experience ramen like never before. Throughout the class, we’ll explore the world of ramen from the traditional techniques to unwrapping the mystery of what is in those delicious packets. After learning the foundations and flavors, it will be your turn to create! You’ll begin by crafting your very own custom ramen seasoning. From dried bases and add-ins to a plethora of spices, you’ll mix and match ingredients to create your perfect seasoning packet that you’ll seal and package to take home.


End the night by tasting your creation as you build a bowl of ramen with all the fixings to choose from. Think of it as a “Build Your Own” ramen from start to finish!


Cake Decorating

Brush up on your decorating and piping skills with a scratch-made Swiss roll cake as your canvas. Throughout the class, we will walk you through cake baking basics, piping techniques, and then it will be your turn to get creative and decorate your own. At the end, you'll be able to take your creation home!


Crepe Making

Join us for a night full of fun as we jet off to Paris for crepes! During the class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the art of crepe making. You’ll begin the class by enjoying 3 sweet & savory crepes with one of a kind, house-made fillings and batters using our spices. Then, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at making your own crepe with a professional crepe griddle.

Cannoli Making 101

Join us as we jet off to Italy to make cannolis! During the class, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about these Italian delicacies from its origins and traditions to what it takes to assemble the perfect shell. Then, it will be your turn to create your very own custom cannolis from making the filling from scratch and piping the shells to decorating and dusting!

Screenshot 2024-04-11 182747.png

Sushi Making & Rolling

Learn the art of sushi rolling / making! During the class, we’ll walk you through the various types / styles of sushi (authentic vs. Western), cutting techniques, and the perfect ingredients / pairings. Then, it will be your turn to make your very own sushi roll from scratch from cutting your ingredients and choosing your spices to rolling on a traditional, bamboo sushi mat that you will take home!

Cheese Making 101 - Making Mozzarella

Join us for a night full of fun as we dive into the world of cheese making! We’ll begin the class by teaching you everything you need to know from techniques to tasting notes while you sample various cheeses along the way. Then, it will be your turn to make mozzarella from scratch! From heating the curds to stretching and forming, you’ll make your very own fresh mozzarella ball(s). End the night by tasting and enjoying your creation with olive oil or choose to take home to use!


Ravioli Making 

Join us for a night full of fun as you learn how to make ravioli with a gourmet twist! You’ll begin the class by tasting 3 different ravioli and sauce pairings inspired by the flavors of Fall. After we teach you the steps, it will then be your turn to create your very own ravioli from scratch from making the perfect pasta dough to choosing your favorite filling and shaping / sealing.


in booking a private class?
Send us a message to get started!


Thanks so much for your interest in booking a class with us! We will respond shortly.


Where do your cooking classes take place?

Right here at the shop! We completely convert / transform our shop into culinary classroom.

Will I be actually cooking?

Yes! Our classes fall into two categories - tasting experiences and interactive classes. During tasting classes, we walk you through a whole themed tasting menu that you enjoy and recieve the recipes for. Our interactive classes are completely hands on and you make everything from scratch. And sometimes a class is a hybrid of the two! We indicate the type of class in the class description and tickets.

Do you offer off-site cooking classes?

It depends! We are willing to travel for private cooking classes and have done off-site classes before but the site must have a prep kitchen and adequate space. Themes for off-site classes typically are slightly altered.

Please message us directly to discuss details.

What is the maximum number of participants?

The maximum amount of participants for a class ranges from 12 -16 depending on the theme.

I have an allergy, can you accomodate?

We take food sensitvities / allergies very seriously. As people with food allergies we understand how limiting it can be and want everyone to experience a class if possible. Depending on the severity of the allergy, we can typically make simple accomodations for our regular monthly classes (substituting ingredients) and alter our private classes. 

**While we do our best to sanitze, change gloves, and switch out tools, we are not a nut-free or gluten-free kitchen**

I have a teenager. Can they come to a class?

Yes! Most of our regular monthly classes are suitable for ages 12+ especially if they have experience cooking. Participants under the age of 18 must be acompanied by a parent / guardian.

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