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We're the Sons'; a couple of foodies who happen to be a couple! We are passionate about food and it's ability to connect people and transcribe culture. 


Gabby fell in love with the local food movement after living in Italy for 4 months. While studying abroad in Florence, she would frequent the local markets nearly everyday, always admiring the fresh ingredients and the idea of food as an experience. The idea of conveying culture through food inspired our "Taste of the World" section and cooking classes!

Food has always been Wyatt's love language. From family meals to diner eats, he loves how food brings people together and creates memories.  Wyatt attended culinary school in 2016 and has six years of experience in professional kitchens. Wyatt hopes Spice Co. will serve as a way to make cooking at home and sharing a meal together easier than ever.



“When my husband Wyatt and I began planning our wedding we struggled with thinking of a favor that would both please our guests and represent us. Being a chef, my husband's mind, of course, went to food. Instantly, we thought of crafting a personal seasoning. Making this seasoning brought so much joy and is hands down one of our favorite memories from our wedding. When guests began asking for refills, we knew we had something special”  - Gabrielle Sons 

Now, we have grown from one little seasoning, to a whole store, making sure to put the same amount of love and attention into every batch as the first.

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