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🫖🪻 Bridgerton Tea Collection 🪻🫖

Dearest Gentle Reader,

What use is societal gossip without a good cup of tea to accompany it? ☕️

This author (and tea shop) is delighted to say we are bringing new teas to the ton just in time to sip while you anxiously await the rest of the season.


☕️Bridgerton Breakfast Blend: Worldly & bold like Mr. Colin Bridgerton himself. Pu’ erh tea and oolong with hints of rose to make a love match.

📜 Whistledown Whispers: The perfect tea to sip while spilling the tea. Inspired by Penelope, a peach black tea with hints of orange.

💎 Talk of the Ton: Sweet with a little bit of spice - like the best stories. A dark chai.

💛 Friends to Lovers: Calling all POLIN fans. A delicate flavor that is both comforting and surprising. Witty and warm, this blend blossoms and builds like Colin and Penelope’s love. Chamomile with notes of fruity citrus and butterfly pea flower. This changes color when mixed with lemonade!


All teas are in themed 3 oz tea tins and this set includes Bridgerton themed packaging with Whistledown letter.

The Bridgerton Tea Collection (The Full Set)

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